Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about 2D 3D Floor Plans

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Why are 3D floor plans better than standard floor plans?

3D floor plars are more profssional and photorealistic than standard floor plans generally, Standard floor plans only. Have Two­axis i.e. x­axis ard y­-axis in 2D format, while 3D floor plans also 3rd axis i.e. z – axis. The 3D designers can modify 3D floor plans from the top, bottom, left, right, front and rear, as they are like 3D objects.

What makes a Floor plan?

There are many parameters that can be considered while evaluating a good vs bad floor plan For example, we can consider the room size. It is preferred that a rectangular is always a better choice were square Room size. You may choose 10 feet • 12 feet (minimum) or • can go to 12 feet • 14 feet or IS feet • is feet for a good size room For the second parameter, we can consider the total number of bathrooms in floor glam It must be decided based on the requirement. For for Studio or 1­Bedroom apartment. we can have an attached bathroom. You can 2150 two bathrooms for 1­bedroom apartment lone is attached to the bedroom and another one with a common area) There are many other parameters that can be compared here. Sometimes, it also depends on the house location which country’ you are building the hour). Local municipalities also have different set of rules to follow while building a new house. It is always advised that we should visit our local architect while creating a new floor plan from scratch if we are not aware or not confident about the floor planning for created using 3dsMax and V­ray software.

Difference between Standard­quality rendering and High­quality rendering

For standard level rendering (economy option), you can expect a good quality rendered 3D floor plan with optimal software for creating such 3D floor plans). For high-quality rendering (premium option), can expect the highest possible rendered 3D apartment plans with enhanced level detailing for finishes do use a combination of software, which is most include in the industry we use 3dsMax for 3D modelling and V­ray software for 3D rendering. These 3D floor plans are much vibrant, photo­realistic and detailed, compared to standard level rendering.